Keir Weimer: The Thistle Island Group, LLC

Keir Weimer
is the Founder and President of The Thistle Island Group, LLC, a real estate investment and holding firm that uniquely integrates the idea of reciprocity. This real estate firm is truly sui generis, and is dedicated to providing the communities that it invests in with residential and commercial space that is of the highest and most exacting industry standards, while still being appropriately priced for the given market. Mr. Weimer and The Thistle Island Group, LLC are also committed to the tactical deployment of capital in order to maximize its partners’ return-on-equity. This is realized chiefly through the administration of a tripartite investing approach:

  1. By acquiring and protecting majority interests in only the most secure investment opportunities
  2. By minimizing the Firm’s cost of capital by tightly controlling and keeping the optimal debt-to-equity ratio
  3. By maximizing the Firm’s overall cash-on-cash return and capitalization rate through the individualized approach to each property/project in the portfolio

The Thistle Island Group, LLC is led and managed by its President and Founder, Keir Weimer. Mr. Weimer brings to the Firm a valuable skill set and pool of experience from several industries in the business world. As an early entrepreneur at nineteen years old, during his freshman year at Syracuse University, Keir Weimer grew a regional franchise into a company of 12 painters on 3 crews that painted more than thirty houses and grossed over 100k in revenue in 3 months. He has also held more corporate, international positions, in outsourcing services at Xerox Europe’s HQs in London, and also as an analyst at a private equity, holding and consulting firm in Manhattan. With his comprehensive experience and track record of demonstrated leadership, The Thistle Island Group, LLC places great faith in Keir Weimer’s ability to lead the Firm as President to early and lasting success.

Ever an entrepreneur at the core, and now as the President and Founder of The Thistle Island Group, LLC, Keir Weimer looks after and supplies the day-to-day operational leadership of the Firm, while also heading the strategic organizational vision of the concern in its early growth and development.

Keir A. Weimer
President and Founder
The Thistle Island Group, LLC
Real Estate Investment & Holding Firm

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