Very Real Estate Opens its Doors

A new real estate brokerage firm has opened in Philadelphia on Wednesday.  Very Real Estate, a very creative name, has opened its doors in Old City.  A lot of thought went into its strategic location as it is in position to service Philadelphia’s most exclusive neighborhoods such as Old City, Society Hill, Northern Liberties, Washington Square West, Fitler Square and many more.

Elizabeth Convery, founder of Very Real Estate had this to say about their strategy going forward, “Through our unique strategy of focusing on the individual client experience and catering our services to their needs, we plan to establish long lasting relationships within the communities, allowing for a better overall experience from contract-to-close.”

Very Real Estate plans to be very buyer friendly, catering to what the buyer is looking for.  They want to establish long lasting relationships, so if they broker someones apartment lease, they have hopes of brokering that someones next lease the next time they move.

The Very Real Estate team is largely made up of Philadelphia natives giving their team an upper-hand in the area having been native to the area for some time.  This team is determined for great success having logged multi-billions of dollars in transactions in combined experience.  Having been native to Philadelphia and with great experience, this team should flourish in the future.

Very Real Estate plans to provide an array of services.  Some of the services they’ll provide are identifying market value, crafting a property specific marketing campaign, connecting buyers and sellers, tailored property identification for buyers and investors, offer negotiation and a seamless closing process.  Very Real Estate has the right idea providing all these different services.  You can’t be one dimensional as a business today, you really need to cater as much as possible to the customer today.  The more you can offer, the more likely you can keep someones business, which in the end is the ultimate goal.