How To: Utilize Zillow to Remodel Your Home

Often times people want to remodel their homes or a specific room in their house and run into a lot of costs.  It can be tough to to calculate all the expenses you think you will incur.  Well, like you, Zillow is trying to calculate how much it may cost to remodel as well.

Zillow is a real estate website that projects rent and mortgages for millions of properties around the world.   It’s a site where buyers and sellers come to view properties before actually physically seeing the property with there own eyes in person.  Not only can you view a picture of the home from outside, but some properties have even pictures of the inside as well.  What Zillow now is also trying to do is also estimate the incurred cost to remodel a home or room.

The problem Zillow runs into when trying to forecast the cost that goes into remodeling is the incurred costs that a potential buyer doesn’t see.  For example, a person viewing a magazine may see a room with furniture they like in it.  Now Zillow can go ahead and try to project the cost of making a room similar to the one in a magazine but if they run into a problem with the flooring beneath the carpet or something in the walls of which the reader can’t see, its hard to explain why the two costs of what seem like the same room may be different.  The structural work is what a viewer in a magazine won’t see.

Zillow went ahead despite the uncertainty and launched Zillow Digs, a page on the website that has photos of different kitchens and master baths that buyers may be interested in.  With over 6,500 photos, Zillow Digs has a lot to offer.  Zillow brought in contractors to offer estimates of the rooms appliances and finished materials.  Digs won’t stop there, they’ll soon offer photos of other rooms in the near future.

This is a great development in the Zillow website.  According to The Home Improvement Research Institute, consumers will spend about $285 billion in 2013 on home fixups of all varieties.  A great market to expand your business into for Zillow.